Multiple mechanical Experiment set – REMEKIT01

Multiple mechanical Experiment set - REMEKIT01

Build your own set up and make 19 different experiments by mounting the components on a metal board with magnetic holders. Multiple Mechanical Set  allows you to study the Basic Mechanics laws by performing: Length , Depth and Diameter Measurements, Measurements and Error Calculations, Mass and Weight Measurements, Force Table (Lami’s Theorem), Moment and Balance, Hooke’s Law, Harmonic Oscillation of Springs, Harmonic Motion of Simple Pendulum, Energy Conservation of Simple Pendulum, Avarage and Instantenous Velocity, Spring Constant in Serial and Parallel Connections, Newton’s Laws (accelerated motion on vertical plane), Determination of Friction, Force and Friction Coefficient Force and Road Gain of Pulleys, Pulleys and Gears, Archimede’s Princible, Freefall Experiment, Atwood’s Machine Experiment and Motion of Inclined Plane Experiments.

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